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Selecting the Right Trustee

Why naming your children as trustees may not be the best idea.

Checking and Updating your Estate Plan

A little maintenance can prevent some big problems down the road.

Here are some things that should trigger a review of your estate plan.

Tips for Buying or Selling a Home in California

September 2015

Before you sign, here are a few basics to consider when buying (or selling) real property.

It Pays to Know the Basics of Estate Planning

April 7, 2015

Once only reserved for the rich, estate planning is now something everyone should be aware of and give some serious thought, no matter how much you have.

Setting up an LLC Could be Beneficial

Own a business or rental property?

When should I consider forming an LLC? Any time you own something that involves customers or assets with some level of legal risk, such as a business or a rental property, I normally suggest owning that asset in the form of an LLC for several very important reasons.

Medi-Cal Planning

If You Think You May Need A Nursing Home...

A Consumer’s Guide to Financial Considerations and Medi-Cal Eligibility